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for dogs

Welcome to Pawseidon

Hydrotherapy for dogs, based in Poole, Dorset

We created our Hydro-Hub for a single purpose
To alleviate suffering and to promote the well-being of canines
Our mission embraces three essential freedoms:


from hunger and thirst

please note

It is important for clients to understand that the treatments we provide are complementary to that offered by your chosen Veterinary Practice.
In fact, in order to assess the treatments best suited to your dog, we will always act under the guidance of your vet. Pawseidon will ensure that your dog’s medical history is fully understood and taken into account in determining the most effective treatment program.


from pain or injury

we focus on 'what can be' not 'what is'

Health and wellness coaches help people to develop individual strategies to improve their health, exercise, eating and emotional well-being.
Our mission is to provide for dogs what Health or Wellness coaches provide for people.
Regardless of age, physical exercise should be an essential part in your dog’s life. Without exercise your dog may experience frustrations and depressive episodes.


from fear, distress or discomfort

did you know?

Dogs became man’s best friend over 30,000 years ago. Now, that’s what we call a loving and lasting relationship.

Hydrotherapy for dogs - Pawseidon
Where your dog becomes our priority

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