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For some dogs, simply floating or swimming gently in water can relieve pain and inflammation. While for others, more vigorous exercise is used to develop muscle strength and tone. To ensure safety, your dog will be fitted with a buoyancy aid and one of our own collars.

Your dog will be sharing the pool with an experienced hydrotherapist

hydro - treadmill

The majority of patients using this specialist equipment are dogs with osteoarthritis in multiple joints, those recovering from orthopaedic surgery, or managing a neurologic disease.

Each patient is prepared just the same as if we were performing hydrotherapy in the pool: with an appropriate jacket. We gently lead the patient into the see-through underwater treadmill and stay with your dog in the chamber to give maximum reassurance: especially on the first session.

& myotherapy

Initially, your dog will need to be carefully assessed in order to receive any of our treatments. Assessment may be continuous simply to monitor the progress of your dog throughout the rehabilitation period.
Our Rehabilitation suite offers space and comfort, enabling your dog to relax whilst being coached in remedial and rehabilitative exercises.
During all sessions your dog will be in the safe hands of a chartered Physiotherapist/Myotherapist.


For further information about Pawseidon or any of its services, please just get in touch.

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